Fall Event

Harvesting Hope
  with Julie Neraas
  November 7, 2020
      3:00-4:30 p.m.


NOTE: This event is open to everyone - We invite ALL (Yes, this includes men*.)

In this daunting and tumultuous time, hope may be our greatest need, its viability our greatest question. But what is hope? It’s much more than a positive attitude. It is a life stance, it’s the sense of a way forward, the commitment to creating a better world even when we don’t feel particularly hopeful. Hope is related to help, and it is often birthed in community. 


In her 45 minute presentation, Julie Neraas will touch briefly on the nature of hope, sources of hope, and if time allows, habits or practices that encourage hope. The remaining time will be for conversation back and forth. 

Julie is an educator, writer, spiritual director, public speaker, and retreat leader. Read more about Julie on her webpage: https://julieneraas.com/about-julie/

This event will be held on Zoom.  No registration needed. 


Join Zoom Meeting on Saturday, November 7 at 3:00 p.m.

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*Although our fall retreat is historically just for women, given the timely topic of Hope, the AUW Board and the presenter thought it was important that this virtual event be available to any church members, friends, or visitors who are interested. Please spread the word to your spouses, family, friends, and relatives.