Kit Ketchum



Kit has recently retired, and is open to all sorts of new experiences!  Also old ones, like continuing friendships in AUW and serving on the board again.  Geek, nascent artist, activist, cook, organizer, student, Planned Parenthood volunteer.  Joined First Universalist in 1986, AUW soon after. Met my wife in the Women's Ritual Circle. Raised 2 kids through RE.  Still a seeker. 

Carol Hiniker

Martha Easter-Wells 


Martha moved to Minneapolis in 2017 in retirement. She is passionate about human rights organizations. She enjoys both traveling and staying at home. Her idea of a good time is a long train ride.

Carol Gilbert

What can I say? That you are my people? That you are who will be at my memorial service at some point? That I too have retired and want to serve AUW? That I am still wanting to serve others and help make connections and create a warm welcoming space for times we shall never see? That my wife and I live in Richfield , have two wonderful children who are both in town and that we see them regularly ? That we have a small camper and love to be outside? OK, that’s what I shall say.

Jane Jordan (JJ)



Jane has discovered her palate and now enjoys blue cheese, but not yet brussel sprouts. She loves all things water from swimming, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, snow showing, X-country skiing, to drinking it plain or when fermented grapes are involved.  She made seven major careers changes. 

Anne Frenchick


A church member since 1993, Anne is on the Visual Arts Committee and especially enjoys Circle Suppers and the spring retreat!  Outside of church, Anne is volunteering as an immigration court observer; sewing hygiene kits for girls (Days for Girls); providing writing assistance to high school students; and she is a 24-year veteran of the Walk for Animals.  She is retired and married to Ted Thompson. She enjoys cooking and baking, water aerobics, playing board games and cribbage, canoeing, and traveling. Anne is learning to quilt and is looking forward to a trip to Turkey in 2020.

Nancy Anderson

Nancy moved to Edina from Milwaukee in 2018. She was attracted to the liberal vibe of the Twin Cities and found her way to First Universalist on Earth Day 2018.  She was hooked! She loves exploring new neighborhoods, trying new restaurants, and having coffee or a cocktail at one of the many cafes that Minneapolis has to offer.  I’m looking forward to working with the board members and meeting new friends through the AUW.

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