AUW sponsors activities for people who identify as

women, non-binary and/or gender fluid

to promote our three pillars—

community building, spiritual deepening

and bringing our faith to action to work for women’s justice.


AUW Spring Retreat 2023 -

Registration opens December 1

Mark your calendars!!  Our annual Spring Retreat will be April 28-30, 2023 at True Friends Camp in Maple Lake. Registration for the Retreat will open December 1 and there will be an Early Bird discount until mid-January. As in previous years, the Retreat is also discounted for AUW members.  Here is a link to preliminary information.  Early Bird discounted registration opens December 1 at 10 am!

Here is a link to the attendance options and rates we are offering this year.

The Fall Retreat was held November 12.  The main topic was Reproductive Justice.  Kit Ketchum provided resources for follow up:

Planned Parenthood – Health Care provider, also advocacy through the Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Our Justice – Provides direct financial and logistical support for people seeking abortion care.

Gender Justice – Advanced gender equity through litigation, public education, and policy advocacy.

UnRestrict MN – Protects, expands, and destigmatizes access to abortion care in MN through policy advocacy, public education, and the law.

Spiral Collective – Provides practical abortion support + community-based education. 

ERA-MN - Works to make equal legal rights for all a reality, by passing an Equal Rights Amendment to both the Minnesota and US constitutions.  

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