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AUW sponsors activities for people who identify as

women, non-binary and/or gender fluid

to promote our three pillars—

community building, spiritual deepening

and bringing our faith to action to work for women’s justice.


AUW Retreat
April 26 – 28, 2024
Camp Courage in Annandale, MN
Igniting Change
The light we carry in a Barbie world.

The AUW Spring Retreat provides a thoughtful, safe, fun & joyful space for exploring workshop ideas such as self-hate and self-love, our girlhoods, artistry and our power to make change. All the while we build community and deepen connections with each other.


Perhaps you are looking for a deeper connection with awesome & diverse women.

Maybe you would like to sleep in, have a massage, walk the labyrinth, swim in a heated indoor pool, take a nap (or two!), listen to loons, go for nature hikes, be served delicious meals.


It may interest you to consider ideas related to self-love/self hate, artistry, becoming a change-maker, or to discuss Michelle Obama’s “pandemic book” and/or filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s exploration of being female.


You might just want to play with Barbies!


All this is possible at our AUW Spring Retreat, April 26 – 28, 2024, at Camp Courage in Annandale MN, with our theme of “Igniting Change: The Light We Carry in a Barbie World”


Suggested pre read:  The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

Suggested pre-watch:  The Barbie movie.

It pays to be a member of AUW.  Visit our membership page to join!​

AUW offers scholarships to cover up to half the cost of retreat registration.  If you need scholarship assistance, please email Sydney Dunitz before registering.

If you wish to purchase tickets for more than one person, please do two separate transactions rather than ordering quantity 2 tickets so we can collect personal information about each guest.

Minnesota ERA Support Demonstration

Monday, February 12, 2024 11 AM rally at the Minnesota state capital rotunda to demand passage of Minnesota’s equal rights amendment with updated, inclusive language in 2024.

ACTION: Contact your legislators to request their vote on ERA Bills early in 2024 Session so ERA can be on the General Ballot for all voters in November 2024

AUW Winter Event February 17

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Women Who Read has its own page.  Click here.

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