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AUW Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting featured a salad buffet lunch and a presentation by Karen Wills about the UU the Vote initiative of the UUA. Mary Weeks called the business meeting to order at 1 pm. The first item on the agenda was asking the members in attendance to vote to adopt the proposed AUW budget for the coming fiscal year: July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025 (attached as Exhibit A). There was discussion of the increase in annual dues from $35, which has been the annual rate for at least 10 years, to $40. The reason for this increase was that costs have risen with inflation and membership dues do not even begin to cover the costs of membership benefits. It was proposed, as a friendly amendment, that an additional, reduced cost, membership tier for new members be added. This tier would be a once-in-a-lifetime discount for the first time a woman joins AUW. There was additional discussion of what this new tier should cost. The members did not want to make the decision about cost, but delegated that to the AUW board. With that amendment, the budget passed. It was also requested that there be a new Program Fund created to allow renewing members to make an additional, voluntary donation to further support and fund AUW programming. Judy Goebel will enable that function on the website. Outgoing board members Mary Helmin and Susan Schonfeld were thanked for their service. The Nominating Committee recommended two new board members: Evelyn Browne and Joan Guilfoyle. These candidates were approved by a vote of the members present. The official agenda completed, the business meeting was adjourned.


2024-25 Membership Renewal

Renew AUW Membership - all AUW memberships (except Wise Women status) end on June 30, 2024.  Beat the rush and pay for your 2024-25 membership now!  Here is a link.

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