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AUW sponsors activities for people who identify as

women, non-binary and/or gender fluid

to promote our three pillars—

community building, spiritual deepening

and bringing our faith to action to work for women’s justice.


AUW Fall Kickoff Meeting


Saturday, September 16, 12 noon to 2 pm

First Universalist Church

3400 Dupont Avenue South


A light lunch will be provided at no cost to current AUW members.  Cost to non-members - $10.  

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Save the Date -- Saturday, November 18th for the annual AUW Fall Retreat!!

Our focus is health resilience . . . how to plan for it and how to achieve it when you need it the most. Lunch and our speaker will lead us off, followed by a set of breakout sessions on health resilience topics, including resources for now and in the future. Late morning registration with mid-afternoon wrap-up. Hope to see you there!

Women Who Read has its own page.  Click here.

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