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AUW Spring Retreat 2023 Things to Know

The Retreat will be held at:

Camp Courage (a True Friends camp)

8046 83rd St NW

Maple Lake, MN 55358


We will be in the Lakeside cabins, Rotary and the Health Center.


Here is a link to the camp's website:


Camp Courage is located about an hour northwest of Minneapolis on 305 acres of lakeshore, woods and fields near Maple Lake.

  • The Camp is located on a lake and they have kayaks and canoes. (Use of watercraft depends on the weather.)

  • There is wifi everywhere and cell phone coverage.

  • Camp Courage has a heated pool! If other groups are at the Camp when we are there, we may have assigned times that we can use the pool.

  • Alcohol is allowed in the cabins. 

Camp Courage tries to make food for everyone with vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free  options. If you have specific food requirements or allergies make sure to note that in your registration so the camp can be prepared for your needs.  Special meals are made available to those who need them and have preregistered by asking staff at the kitchen window.   Please feel free to bring your own food.  There are refrigerators, stove tops and microwave ovens in the cabins.

Waivers – Camp Courage requires that guests sign a liability waiver and AUW will also have one.  You can review both waivers; see the “Policies – Liability Waivers” section. 


Health Concerns – In this ongoing COVID pandemic, we have addressed the safety of participants by expecting that participants be fully vaccinated or recently tested for COVID prior to the retreat. Our policies will align with Federal and State guidelines at the time of the retreat and with those of Camp Courage. The camp may require masking when in public areas.  Here is a link to their pubblished policies on their website.


Bedroom Assignments

AUW has reserved three Lakeside cabins; each cabin has five spacious rooms; most rooms have four beds;  We also have reserved the Health Center and Rotary, which have additional rooms. Our goal is to have 2 people per room unless otherwise specified. Here is a link to the camp website page that shows pictures of the exterior and interior of each cabin and has layouts of the spaces.

When you register, you can indicate up to three "Roommate Choices" and we will attempt to honor that when assigning rooms.  If you do not indicate any "Roommate Choices," you will be assigned to a room with at least one other person. 

Also when you register, you have an option to pay for an upgrade to a single room with no roommate for $75.  This nominal fee is an attempt to offset some of the cost of the rooms that would otherwise be able to accommodate more than one person. 


Cancellation and Refund Policy

Registered guests who cancel their registration prior to February 28, 2023 will receive a refund of 95% of their original registration amount.

Registered guests who cancel their registration between February 28 and April 7 will receive a refund of 50% of their original registration amount.

No refunds will be issued for cancellations after April 7,  but your ticket is transferrable if you find someone who would like to take your place.  Contact AUW Board member Judy Goebel at with cancellations or changes in who will attend.


Health and Safety
We are not requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test this year, but we are trusting that as a badass woman
 you will protect your fellow AUW members by ensuring that your immunity is up to date and that you do not come to the retreat if you have covid symptoms.

Liability Waivers

You will be required to sign two liability waivers. Below are links to the two waivers.  You may review the waivers now. We will have copies at the Retreat check-in where you will be able to sign them.

What to Bring

​If you are able, please bring:

  • Snacks and beverages to share (kept in your cabins for on-demand snacking)

  • Cups/snacks, napkins, any dishes required for snacks.




Additional options to bring if you like:

  • Alarm clock, flashlight or just your phone

  • Bathing suit/towel for swimming pool

  • Binoculars

  • Books, coloring books, markers, pencils

  • Camera

  • Casual clothing for changing weather

  • Comfy clothes for yoga, meditation, relaxing

  • Drinking glass

  • Ear plugs (We will have some at registration.)

  • Food that you may want for yourself

  • Games and puzzles

  • Jackets, gloves, hats

  • Journal

  • Knitting or other hand crafts

  • Medications if needed

  • Money for services: massage, bodywork

  • Phone charger

  • PJs, robe, slippers

  • Rain gear

  • Running gear (if you plan on running)

  • Soap/soapdish (this facility does not provide soap)

  • Toiletries

  • Walking shoes, hiking shoes or boots

  • Water bottle

  • Wine (Yes, wine is allowed, but only in the cabins!)

  • Yoga mats (Don't worry if you don't have one.)

  • Anything else you think you might need when spending a weekend at a camp

What Not to Bring


  • Firearms

  • Illegal substances

  • Pets (exceptions for guide dogs)

  • Perfume or heavily scented lotions


  • Sheets, pillows, towels and a blanket are provided by Camp Courage. Feel free to bring your own pillows, towels and blankets if you like. 


​​​​​Do I need to be a member of AUW to attend the Retreat?

No, but there is an upcharge for non-members that is the same as the cost of AUW membership, so why not join? Click below for information and to sign up:

What are the deadlines?


Dietary requests (vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free) are needed by March 28. If you do not register by that date, special dietary requests cannot necessarily be made.

Registrations will be accepted until the rooms are filled or until April 15, whichever comes first. Please register soon to assure your spot.

What if I registered for multiple people at the same time by selecting a quantity greater than one on the registration page.  What should I do now?

Each person must have their own registration form and payment should be separate for each person.  Send an email to Judy Goebel ( explaining the situation and Judy will deal with it manually.

What if I need financial assistance?

Partial scholarships are available through the Kate Tucker Scholarship Fund due to the generosity of AUW members. We have limited funds. If you need a partial scholarship for the Retreat, contact Sydney Dunitz ( to request financial help and to get instructions on how to register.  Your registration will be handled manually, rather than here on this website.  Financial assistance is strictly confidential.


When will I get confirmation of my scholarship request (if any)?

Your scholarship request will be processed and you will be informed within a week of your request.

How is the Kate Tucker Scholarship Fund managed?

Donations to this fund throughout the year are tracked and tallied. The total amount will be distributed to those who request financial assistance as fairly as possible by the AUW Board.


How can I donate to the Kate Tucker Scholarship fund to help others attend the Retreat?

There is an option to make a donation to the fund when you register for the Retreat.  Your donation will be added to the scholarship fund.

Do I have to stay both nights? What are the options when I register?

You can register for two nights, or Saturday (daytime) only.  We highly encourage people to attend the full Retreat, from Friday evening to Sunday lunch.  Therefore, register for two nights.

What if I cannot use the online system to register and pay?

Contact AUW Board member, Judy Goebel  (

Who can attend?

Women, non-binary or gender fluid people aged 18 and up.

Are children allowed?

No. The Retreat is a space to get away from “normal life” and responsibilities.

When should I arrive?

If you are arriving on Friday, come any time after 3:30 p.m. and before dinner at 6 p.m. if possible.

If you are coming for Saturday only, arrive for check-in from 9:00-10:00 a.m.

What about wifi and cell phone service?

Both are available at Camp Courage, but this is your opportunity to unplug. Enjoy the bliss!

Who can I talk to if I still have questions?

Contact AUW Board member, Judy Goebel (


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