Spring Retreat

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Service Providers for Massage

Pamper yourself at the retreat! Sign up at Friday’s check-in beginning at 3:00 pm for your desired time. Sessions start at 4:00 p.m. – $70/hour, and $40/half hour.

NOTE: If you must cancel, do it early so that others can take the slot and therapists are not waiting for someone to show up.


Ann Agrimson has been a Massage therapist since 2004 and an Energy practitioner since 2012. Ann’s approach is nurturing and intuitive. Massages may be relaxing - reducing stress and improving circulation, or rehabilitative – deep, specific work to an area to reduce pain and muscle tightness. Many times it’s a combination of both! No massage or energy session is the same because each session is tailored to the client.  Energy work assesses a client’s chakras and energy fields. It involves not just the body, but the mind and spirit also. A client is fully clothed and can lie on a table or sit in a chair. The practitioner has their hands on or above the client’s body. Clients find the process relaxing, rejuvenating and supportive.  Ann has worked with a variety of issues including: fibromyalgia, headaches, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cancer, joint replacement, and hospice. She enjoys working with women and promoting self-care.


Trish Kloeckl has been a Shiatsu practitioner since 2000, sharing her skills in various settings including the Center for Victims of Torture and previous AUW retreats. She loves working in a retreat setting and encourages women to keep balance and care for themselves with a shiatsu session.  Shiatsu means 'finger pressure' in Japanese. Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, shiatsu delivers finger/thumb pressure to acupressure points.  Outside of shiatsu, Trish specializes in rehabilitation of the upper extremity as a Certified Hand Therapist.

Please wear lightweight comfortable clothing for her sessions.

Pat brings over 32 years of professional bodywork experience to each session. Her work includes: rehabilitative, relaxation, Sacred Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple, and Lymphatic Drainage massage. Energy work, Acupressure and CranioSacral® Therapy can be incorporated to create a truly personalized session. Pat also specializes in the Trager® Approach, using gentle and profound movement to promote ease, release, and relaxation for greater joy and awareness in our bodies and in our lives. This is the eleventh year she has journeyed with the AUW women. Take time to nurture yourself, relax, release old ways of being, and simply breathe!

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Programming will be available in March.

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